a word or two

in support of who

do what most don’t want to

a breed apart

where battlers start

their daily haul

from a to b and then to c

they deliver

conversation free

my ride as a rule

is informative

musically varied

ethnicly pleasing

drivers of longevity

they’ve seen, heard a lot

from their wheel of life

history, religion, philosophy

life, love and struggle

war and peace

in the wee small hours

cab bashing’s a sport

(it’s rank) ‘scuse the pun

for punters and pollies

not short of a rort

look elsewhere new york or LA

you’ll not find the service

as in new south wales

(if i leave things behind

as i’m wont to do

they’re in lost and found

hopefully - thankyou)

Copyright catherine o’brien ©

kings cross to kalumburu

kings cross to kalumburu

spirit yearning for another view

the grime the slime of kings cross crime

need a bit of kalumburu time

broken dreams weakening seams

sexual predators scowling schemes

predators waiting

hovering hating

hovering hates impatiently

delivering dreadful destiny

young girl leaving bar alone

staggering oblivion drunken alone

sinister slithering snake unfurls

come with me come with me

what’s a nice girl like you..

you know what i mean

lonely party girl disappears

arm round shoulder rounds the corner

to who knows where and who will care

with whom how many wakes up where

staying afloat fatigue

is getting the better of me

my spirit needs to breathe

and breathe clean

and breathe free

sitting in meditation

kissed by creation

tasted the silence

in kalumburu

this morning i rode my bicycle to the gorge

tasted the silence,

felt the gentleness of the sun

heard the nature of love

the sounds of the universe

I was kissed by creation

as i sat in meditation

I kissed the earth

And the earth kissed me

And I’m free.

Copyright catherine o’brien ©

Junk food brain

have you ever stopped and listened to your brain

it’s rather like you’re lying in a drain

the garbage that goes floating by

it must be someone else’s

it doesn’t look like mine

it’s enough to drive a normal girl insane

have you ever stopped and listened to your heart

if i could find it that would be a start

it was broken long ago

it’s hiding where i do not know

and is it keeping love and me apart?

have you ever stopped and listened to your soul

does it swing or does it rock and roll

soft and simple, sweet and true

moving stillness, pink and blue

love and peace and beauty


you are what you eat


all sorts of pollution out there

junk food galore if you want to explore

you are what you eat


Copyright catherine o’brien ©