Kiss the Earth: 1 minute teaser! 

Inspired by the bushfires, covid and the current wars.  

We Love Kalumburu 

Recorded live at ABC Broom 

Kiss the Earth - Full Version: 5 minuts ! - compilation video   

"The song has epic proportions and your rendition shows iconic sensitivities. One more for the heart. A song for the times. I'd have to think hard of cultural transitions. In this iteration it is quintessentially Australian. Not a bad thing. You sound fabulous."

Phil Cullen, Cullen Media


LA or Busk

LA or BUSK – In 1994, Bob Haggart, composer of "I'm Free" (c) 1939,  on hearing Catherine's lyric, invited her to attend the annual LA Classic Jazz Festival in California. To help raise the money, she started busking with the words “LA or Busk” on her guitar case. The eight songs on this album come from that period. 

"..I enjoyed hearing you sing your lyrics of "I'm Free" and "My Inspiration" (long distance).." Bob Haggart 6th August 1994.

LA or Busk (track list)

Kiss the earth

This is Catherine O'Brien's second CD.

"Kiss the Earth" was independently produced after enquiries from the public who, after hearing the CD, asked to buy a copy. The duration of the CD was limited by time and cost constraints.

Kiss the earth (track list)

Moon River
Composed by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer.  With Howard Alden Guitar; Will Galison Harmonica; Bill Easley Flute and Tenor Sax; Kat Raio backing vocal; Matt Noble sound engineer; Recorded at “The Loft” Bronxville.   

New Legislation